Formula sound DJ mixers, power amplifiers, specialist cables, connectors and rare spare parts.

In today’s throw away society some of the audio gems of the past are often lost, forgotten, overlooked or sadly sent to landfill to Rust In Peace.

Audio Broker are working hard to save classic amplification, DJ mixers and outboard equipment.

In today’s modern digital world the analogue signal path still has a huge following. From the humble vinyl record, the world famous Formula Sound PM80 mixer and the classic Crown DC300a amplifier.

We support many classic brands in particular Amcron Crown DC300a HH electronic V500 V800 M900 AM8/12 AM8/17.

Our expertise covers repair and build of Formula Sound PM80, PM90, PM100, System 2000, FF4000 FF6000 FSM400 and FSM600 DJ mixers.

We are the official uk Formula Sound service provider and are happy to repair, modify or service your Formula Sound products.

Over the past 25 years we have exported many pieces of rare equipment all around the world.

Contact us today if you are looking for a specific piece of equipment, you have something to sell or you simply need a repair.