Formula sound pm80r 8 channel. ex demo! used a dozen times!


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PM80R 8 Channel 19 Inch Rack Mount.

The mixer remains analogue with the signal chain as pure as the original PM-80 to give the same outstanding audio quality.
Modular in construction with up to 16 inputs that can be configured to accept virtually any input source and with a comprehensive output section, the PM-80R is probably unique in the degree of flexibility it gives the user.

The modules may be fitted in any position in the chassis. If you prefer the output in the middle with inputs on either side or if you are left handed and want the output module on the left, the choice is yours.


Constructed from custom made anodised aluminium extrusions there are three chassis sizes available: 15 inch, 19 inch or 25 inch. The 15 inch chassis will take up to 4 input modules; the 19 inch chassis will take up to 8 Input modules and the 25 inch chassis will take up to 12 input modules.

Configuration of the input is by jumper links to select either balanced low impedance low noise microphone pre-amplifier, stereo RIAA equalised pre-amplifier (phono cartridge input) or stereo on balanced line level input stage.

3 band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass) controls each adjustable from -1OdB to +1OdB with a centre detent for flat response. The EQ can be disabled if required.

Stereo balance and pan (Bal/Pan) control to balance stereo signals. With a microphone selected this allows the source to be positioned anywhere in the stereo image.

The Aux send button, when depressed, will mix the signals of all inputs with Aux selected and route to the Aux output on the output module. Jumper links allow the source to be selected before or after the channel fader.

Monitor (Mon, sometimes called level or PFL Pre Fade Listen) push button when depressed will mix the signals of all inputs with Mon selected and route to the meter and headphone amplifier on the output module.

The master fader is a 60mm studio quality linear fader.

Rear panel mounted input connectors: 2 XLR sockets; 2 RIAA phono sockets and one 1/4 inch 3 pole jack socket.