Early Quad 50e amplifier connector kit. (E19/7) New


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2x Brand new signal input connector for QUAD 50E amplifier.

2x Brand new speaker output connector for QUAD 50E amplifier.

2x Brand new mains power input connector for early QUAD 50E amplifier.

IMPORTANT: These are 14mm diameter and mate with amplifiers with approx 15mm diameter hole size mains socket. note a few very early quad amps use a much larger version of this connector that we don’t stock.

Also some later 50E versions and some bbc 50E versions may have a different mains connector. (we would call this kit an early version)

WE carry a huge amount of modern and vintage crown and amcron parts and general electronic components. If there’s something you’re looking for we may just carry it in stock, please feel free to contact us we can easily add another eBay listing.

Note that all items we supply are engineering spare parts and are supplied to you ONLY on the basis that you have the knowledge and means to fit them without harming yourself or others, or damaging the goods. We do not refund or exchange pcb’s. Because they form part of a larger circuit that may well have other faults and dangerous voltages. If you aren’t capable or qualified to work on amplifiers then please leave it to someone who is. Failure to do this could result in electric shock injury and death. We will not be held responsible for buyers knowledge or lack of it.

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