QUAD 50D. speaker lead adaptor kit


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Quad 50D 12.5ohms
These take a long time to solder up.
Hence price.
Slighty easier to use for some people rather than making up their own leads. Specifically short for ease of shipping. Versatile design.
2x Brand new short speaker output leads for QUAD 50D
Please choose one option for output impedance:
(amplifier has internal output transformer)
These amplifiers don’t have an 8 ohm tap. Its widely recommended to use the 12.5 ohm tap for 8 ohm speakers)
25.5v for 12.5 Ohms.
51v for 50 Ohms.
102v for 200 ohms.
(Internally configured tell us which you need)
Plessey 11 pin connector to red and black female banana plugs.
Terminals maybe a little discoloured due to age.


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